6 healthy treats for your backyard chickens

All animals including your pet chickens love to get treats. It is important to remember that treats needn’t be unhealthy. With regards to chickens, giving your birds unhealthy treats may compromise their diet. Our list of the top 6 healthy treats for your hens ensures that they not only get variety but that it also does not compromise their health.

6 healthy treats for your backyard chickens. chickens eating watermelon

Chicken treats that we recommend:

Dried Mealworms: 

Your hens will come to know the sound of a dried mealworm bag, and come flocking to be first in line for this healthy chicken treat. Use as a treat, or a training reward.

Not only do chickens love them, they are also highly nutritious, acting as a healthy boost to their daily diet.

The nutrient dense mealworms are protein rich, a benefit for laying hens.

What to look for: Preservative free, Natural dried mealworms are always the best option for your hens

Fly Larvae:

They don’t sound tasty to us, but for chickens Black Soldier Fly Larvae are tasty desserts that can’t get enough of. Full of protein and amino acids, these treats aid in feather growth and egg production.

Kitchen Scraps:

Unfortunately, kitchen scraps do not hold much benefit in a chicken’s diet. Infact, they are what candy is to a child. It is important to remember to not only treat your hens with scraps sparingly, but to also pick up any leftover they leave behind before they attract rodents to the chicken run.

Always be sure to avoid rotten foods or moldy foods.

Scratch Mix:

Just like kitchen scraps, scratch mixes do not hold much nutritional benefits for a laying hen. What’s more, a hen will simply pick and choose what she wants to eat from the mix.

In saying this, chickens do love their scratch mixes, and if you remember to always consider and administer it as a treat then there should be no harm in the occasional scratch mix feed.

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Foraging Herbs and leafy greens:

Hens love to forage and search for food in the garden. If your hens are not free range, treat them to some garden pots if leafy kale or lettuce, or some fast growing herbs such as mint and parsley. 

Foraging also helps to occupy your hens, and to bring calm into your chicken run.


Your chickens will love pecking into refreshing watermelon slices at the end of a long hot day. If it is especially warm, you may want to even freeze some watermelon chunks for them to enjoy.

Other ways you can show your hens some love:

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