Becoming Self-Sufficient with your own Chickens

Want to know where your eggs are coming from? Then you should raise your own chickens. 

If you are looking to begin a self-sufficient journey, then you should start with laying hens. Hens are a cheap and efficient way of providing a reliable food source, right in your own yard. What’s more, if you have too many eggs, you could always sell or barter your fresh produce with your neighbours.

It is often said that fresh, free range eggs taste so much better than store-bought. Raising your own chickens is the best way to ensure your eggs come from happy and healthy chickens.

A food source to rely on

Chicken eggs for a self sufficient lifestyle

In recent times we have seen what panic can do to the food supply chains. The ease of just visiting the local store for food has overnight become fraught and problematic – not to mention, more expensive.

In 2020 it is a luxury to have a self-sufficient lifestyle. Who would have thought that garden-grown vegetables and an endless supply of eggs would suddenly be so desirable? At the beginning of 2020 we witnessed what panic buying looked like. At the mere mention of the word pandemic and lockdown, shelves in stores around the US quickly became bare. Essentials such as toilet paper, flour and eggs sold out quickly, with fresh supplies needing to be rationed.

Quickly, people saw the need to grow their own vegetables and become as self-sustainable as possible. In fact, in recent memory there has there been such a rush to buy laying hens. The reason is simple, a healthy hen provides a reliable food source.

For centuries, eggs have come to the rescue. Providing an easy meal or snack that is satisfying, simple to prepare and nutritious.

How many hens will I need to be self-sufficient?

A hen can only lay a single egg per day, however 5 eggs per week is a more reliable number. The number of eggs laid will also depend on the hen’s reproductive system along with other factors such as weather and stress.

If you enjoy eating a couple of eggs everyday for breakfast than you will require a few hens to sustain your diet.

Hens are more than a food source

Chicken manure for gardens

The fresh free-range eggs are not the only perk to keeping hens. They also make wonderful pets and give you a never-ending supply of manure for your self-sufficient gardens.

Chicken manure contains high levels of nitrogen. Use the manure to mix with compost to quickly break down the food scraps and use on your fruit and vegetable gardens. Your gardens will thrive with your home-made fertilizer, rewarding you with an abundance of in-season produce to help you on your self-sufficient journey

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