Checklist for a thorough Chicken Coop Clean

Lurking in the walls, floor and nesting boxes of your chicken coop can be a myriad of bacteria, lice and parasites. For the well being of you flock, a thorough clean is necessary to keep them in good health and keep those pesky mites at bay.

Bacteria and parasites pose potential risks to the health of your flock. Not only can they make them very ill, they will also elevate their stress levels and reduce their egg production. Giving the coop a regular deep clean will also reduce the health risks for yourself and for your family

Rodents love a dirty chicken coop

Mucky floors, manure in nesting boxes and left-over food scraps are all a welcome sign for rats and other rodents. Their pungent smells are an alluring perfume to rats, who already have a keen sense of smell and are always on the lookout for an easy source of food.

Keeping your chicken run clean is not only vital for chicken health, it will also help to deter rodents from their nesting areas. Rodents pose a potential health threat to your flock by carrying lice and mites, contaminating feed, eating chickens and also preying on younger chicks

How to thoroughly clean your chicken coop

If you haven’t read our blog article on what you should clean daily in your chicken coop, we think you should give it a quick read. That checklist will cover the quick cleaning tasks you can do daily to keep on top of the chicken keeping chores, and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes

A thorough clean does not need to be done everyday. Ideally, you could undertake this task weekly or fortnightly.

Regular cleans of your hen house and chicken coop will reward you will happier, healthier chickens. Its a very good idea to wear boots and a face mask when cleaning out the coop

  1. Clear everything out of the coop, including the chickens

    Remove the feeders and chicken drinkers out of the coop

  2. Shovel out bedding and muck

    Be sure to get everything out for a thorough clean. To do this, shovel the flooring into a wheelbarrow and use a broom or rake to remove any flooring that remains

  3. Scrape out hard to remove manure

    Using a scraping tool, remove an stubborn manure from walls and floors.

  4. Hose down the coop and hen house

    Wet down all surfaces, hosing out any leftover dust or flooring

  5. Disinfect Coop

    Scrub down walls and floors using a disinfectant and coop cleaner. We recommend a specialized cleaner that is safe to use in and around chicken coops. Use a brush, or broom to clean surfaces down.

  6. Clean feeders and drinkers

    Empty chicken feeders and drinkers and clean with a safe disinfectant

  7. Allow to dry

    Let the coop and feeders thoroughly dry before letting your chickens back in. If you have pools of water in the coop, scrap it out or use a mop to sponge up the excess moisture

  8. Repair coop

    Check nesting boxes and perimeter for any holes or wear. This will help to prevent rodents from coming into the coop

  9. Lay Fresh Bedding

    Lay fresh bedding and flooring for your flock. Sprinkling some diamoceous earth in and around the coop well help prevent lice infestations

Checklist for a thorough Chicken Coop Clean

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