Daily Chicken Coop Cleaning Checklist

Here we will cover a basic, regular chicken coop clean along with a more thorough clean that can be undertaken less often.

The goal of each clean is to maintain your backyard chicken’s health at all time. As when one chicken falls ill, it is very easy to spread illness to the rest of the flock – particularly when they are confined to a small space.

Daily Chicken Coop Clean Checklist

Giving your chicken coop a daily-express clean will lighten the load when it’s time for a thorough deep clean. This should only take 5-10 minutes
Here’s our suggestions on everyday chicken coop chores

  1. Check nesting boxes

    Remove poop and soiled bedding from chicken nesting boxes

  2. Scoop out any manure on flooring

    Using a bucket, scoop out any manure on the floor

  3. Replace any bedding or flooring

    Chickens love to scratch around and make themselves comfortable in the coop so it is important to replace the bedding and flooring if you’ve had to remove some because of soiling

  4. Check feed and water

    Clean out the chicken feeder and waterer where required and top up if needed

  5. Remove any food scraps

    Food scraps should be removed daily. They attract rodents and pests, so it is vital that you do not have any left on the floor

This Checklist is quick and simple, and does not make up for a thorough clean.

We have detailed exactly what you need to do when giving your chicken run a hygienic clean. Read Checklist for a thorough Chicken Coop Clean to learn

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