How to clean chicken Lubing Drinker Cups

Cleaning your Lubing drinker cups should be a part of your regular chicken coop maintenance routine. Generally, the drinker cups will only need a hose-clean to remove light soiling.

If the surface is looking slightly soiled, then you can add some warm water to the cups and wipe them out with a clean microfibre cloth.

Giving your drinker cups a quick wash each week will prevent the need for a thorough cleanse

From time to time the Lubing cups may need a more thorough clean, requiring you to disassemble the lubing cup

How to clean chicken lubing drinker cups

How to thoroughly clean Lubing Cups

Time needed: 10 minutes.

  1. Remove the Lubing cups from fitting

    Unscrew the drinker cups from the Dine A Chook fittings for disassembly

  2. Detach nipple valve
    Using a multi-grip plier, pull out the nipple valve from the top of the lubing cup

    How to clean a Chicken Lubing Cu

  3. Clean

    Soak the pieces in some warm soapy water and then clean each part with a microfibre cloth. You should not need to use any harsh chemical cleaners.

  4. Reassemble

    Click the valves back into place and test to be sure the pin and nipple spins freely. This will ensure smooth operation

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