Red chicken feeder mounting hooks

How to install Dine A Chook Feeder and Drinkers

Mounting a Tower Drinker and Feeder

Three molded mounting hooks are located on the rear of the tower feeder and drinkers. Only two of these hooks are necessary for secure mounting. We recommend using the top and bottom hook.

The hooks are designed to fit most modern wired cage coops without the use of tools. This also allows you to easily relocate the feeder or drinker deendin on the season or where the hens are hanging out.

This system also comes with custom size brackets so you can mount your tower feeder and drinker onto timber or steel post.

How high off the ground should my drinker or feeder be?

The perfect height for your Dine A Chook feeder or drinker will depend on your poultry breed. Here are our tips:

  • It is always best to keep it off the ground to deter rodents.
  • Aim to position the feeder bay or drinker cup to be level with the back or the birds neck. This should be between 4-6 inches off the ground.
  • Always keep the smallest bird in mind so that they have access to feed and water. You may need to lower the unit slightly
  • If you have a rodent problem, consider lifting the feeder higher and building a step for the hens.

How do I install a drum drinker?

A Dine A Chook Drum Drinker offers a lot of versatility for installation.

For the fastest setup, simply prop the drum drinker onto some bricks or a milk crate for some height and let the hens start drinking.

For added convenience, we have pipe extensions so that you can place the drum outside the coop wire for easy refilling of the drum. The water then flows down into the lubing cups, located in the coop

Dine A Chook drum drinker mounted fast installation