Never put eggshells down the drain.

Egg Shells should not be put down your drain. Likewise, it would be best if you did not put them in your sink disposal unit. Here are the reasons why you never put eggshells down the drain:

Eggshells will block your pipes

Eggshells are a major cause of pipe/drain blockages. The reason is the sharp edges of eggshells may attach themselves to other things that find their way into your kitchen drain pipes. The result is the forming of a clog in the drain pipe.

Eggshells can damage your waste disposal unit

Just like chicken and poultry bones, eggshells should never be put in your sink waste disposal unit. The shell membranes are notorious villains and can damage the disposal impellers by wrapping themselves around them.

Some suggest eggshells can help sharp waste disposal impeller blades. This is not true.

Fact: Egg shells + Waste disposal = Very bad idea

Eggshell grit can cause pipe blockage

When the shells of eggs break down in pipes they leave behind a grit similar to sand. This will stick to the oils and grease on the pipe walls and over time may catch other food particles coming down the drain.

The result is a blocked drain pipe.

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Never put eggshells down the drain. Learn the reasons why simple egg shells can cause major drain pie issues
Never put eggshells down the drain.

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