Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder and Two Drinkers


  • Australian Made Quality
  • Feed and water 4 hens for 4 days
  • Eliminate feed waste
  • Stop water contamination
  • Compact size for all small coops
  • What’s included: 1 x Compact 21″ Chicken feeder, 2 x Compact 21″ Chicken lubing cup drinkers
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The Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder and Two Drinkers is the perfect for coops with height restrictions.

Now you can provide fresh feed and clean water for up to 4 medium size hens for four days. (Or 8 hens for two days)

What’s included:

  • 1 x Compact 21″ Chicken feeder
  • 2 x Compact 21″ Chicken lubing cup drinkers

Save time

If you have a flock of 4 hens, this package means you only have to top up the feeder and drinker twice a week. It truly is the easiest way to get your time back.

Save money

Put more money back in your pocket. This feeder and drinker package saves you money instantly.

  • A waste reducing chicken feeder – stops wasted feed on the ground.
  • No more wet feed – Our patented rain hood and gutter prevents feed getting wet.
  • Less sickness – Our feeder and drinker design stops your hens walking poop into their feed or water. Less bacteria and contamination means less sickness transmission through the feed and water supply.
  • No more replacement parts for the treadle feeder – Dine A Chook is built to last. Our feeder has no moving parts that can fatigue. Also, we use genuine German lubing cups which are known worldwide as the best.
  • Less rats – By design, the Dine A Chook waste reducing feeder puts an end to feed on the ground as well as wet feed. Waste ground feed and wet feed are two huge invitations for rodents. Dine A Chook helps stop both.

Invest in Australian Made Dine A Chook feeders and and become part of the Dine A Chook family of more than 50,000 backyard chicken keepers. Are you outside the USA? You can shop at Dine A Chook New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom

Proudly made by your mates down under!

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1 x Compact feeder & Two Drinkers, 2 x Compact feeders & 4 drinkers




Drinker Height 21.3", Drinker Width 5.11", Feeder Height 21.06", Feeder Width 5.11"


Drinker 1.05 gallons, Feeder 6 pounds


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What's Included

1 x Compact 21" Chicken feeder

  • 21″ high
  • 5.11″ wide
  • 6-pound capacity
  • Feed 4 medium hens for 4 days
  • Use micro pellet feed, mash and also scratch feed
  • Quality Australian Made Construction
  • Commercial ASA tough UV stabilised plastic
  • Internal anti-thrash paddles
  • Deep feed hopper so hens must insert their head into the feeder
  • Engineered, patented rain hood and gutter stops wet feed
  • Carry lid with handle
  • Molded mounting hooks
  • Easy clean removable base
  • Keeps feed fresh and dry

2 x Compact 21" Chicken lubing cup drinkers

  • Height: 21″
  • Width: 5.11″
  • Capacity: 1.05 Gallon
  • Enough water for 4 hens for 4 days (depending on climate and environment factors)
  • Simply refill with hose or bucket
  • Australian Made Quality
  • Durable UV stabilised ASA plastic
  • German lubing cup
  • Dine A Chook auto float fills the cup as water level lowers
  • Helps prevent algae, bacteria, and mold
  • Simple to clean
  • Prevents water evaporation
  • Stops hens tipping their drinker over
  • No more leaks or drips