Dine A Chook Drum Chicken Drinker – 5 Gallon


  • Size: Large 5.28-gallon capacity
  • Includes: One Lubing Drinker Cup
  • Australian Made Quality
  • Freshwater for up to 8 medium hens for 5 days**
  • Dine A Chook Leak-free engineered click and connect fittings
  • German lubing brand drinker cup
  • Algae, bacteria and mold resistant
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The Dine A Chook Drum Chicken Drinker is the perfect solution for those with larger flock sizes. Also, if you have a smaller flock, it allows you peace of mind to go away for the weekend and know your hens have adequate hydration.

The single lubing cup with an upgraded automatic float system keeps the drinker cup full of water as long as there is supply. Also, the upgraded float does not require the hens to press on it. The float automatically keeps the cup full.

Dine A Chook Drum Chicken Drinker details

  • Large 5.28-gallon capacity
  • Fresh drinking water for up to 8 medium hens for 5 days**
  • Genuine German Lubing brand drinker cup
  • Dine A Chook auto float
  • Dine A Chook leak free engineered fittings


  • No mess, no leaks
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Prevent algae and contamination in the drinking water

Drum Drinker fitting options available:

  1. Single lubing cup & yellow float
  2. Single lubing cup & blue float
  3. External cage extension with lubing cup and yellow float

What is the extension option?

Our extension plumbing allows you to locate the drum drinker outside the coop and have the drinker cup inside the coop. Having the drum outside the cage wire is ideal in instances where room or height is problematic. It also makes it nice and easy to refill the drum.

This Chicken Drinker is truly a game-changer for those who have a larger backyard flock.

**Freshwater for up to 8 hens for 5 days is approximate. Climate and environmental factors determine how much water your hens shall require. Always monitor how much water is in the drum to ensure your hens have an adequate supply.

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1 x 5.28 Gallon Drinker, 1 x 5.28 Gallon Drinker with Blue float, 1 x 5.28 Gallon Drinker with extension




Height 14.76 inch, Length 11.14 inch, Width 11.14 inch


Black UV stabilised plastic


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Quality Lubing Drinker Cups

German-made Lubing Chicken Drinker Cups are the gold standard in the poultry industry. No leaking, and long lasting quality.

No more muddy puddles in your coop

Healthier Hens

Providing your poultry with clean, fresh water leads to healthier and happier hens.

As your hens cannot stand in their drinking water, it remains uncontaminated by their dirty feet.

Expandable fittings

The Dine A Chook Click and Connect fitting can be expanded as you grow your chicken flock.

Quickly add on additional drinker cups and expansion joints to accommodate up more drinker outlets

Peace of Mind

A drum drinker is a firm favourite for it’s ability to hold over 5 gallons of fresh water. This poultry waterer offers chicken keepers peace of mind, knowing that there is enough water for their hens if they decide to take a weekend escape.