Red Barn Chicken Feeder – Large


  • Stylish Red Design
  • Quality Australian Made design BPA Free
  • Avoid feed waste and save money
  • Large Red Chicken Feeder holds 8.15 pounds of feed
  • 28 inches tall
  • Prevent rats and mice
  • Conveniently feed up to 6 chickens for 4 days
  • Maintain fresh and dry feed each day
  • Free Express Shipping
  • Free Express Air Freight from Australia
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The American Red Barn Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder will not only look great in your chicken pen but will allow you to keep it clean and fresh while saving you time and money!

The exclusive engineered rain hood and gutter system of our Chicken Feeders stops feed from getting wet, reduces contamination, and helps to prevent rats and mice. This design also makes it easier for the chickens to feed.

Each hand-assembled feeder uses the best materials and is made with love in Australia. We use industrial-grade BPA free, ASA plastic. And you buy with the knowledge we build each one to last!

Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder Red

  • Size: Measures at 28″ tall
  • Feed Capacity: 8.15 pounds / 4.7 Litre
  • Color: Red – Also available in White
  • Each feeder will be enough to feed up to 6 chickens for 4 days
  • Patented Rain hood and gutter will keep feed fresh and dry
  • Avoids waste feed on the coop floor
  • Reduces the risk of rats and mice
  • Operates with mash feeds and commercial pellet
  • Durable carry handle with lockable lid
  • No Screws so it will never rust
  • Easy wire mounting with rear molded hooks
  • Weather friendly, industrial grade ASA plastic for long term durability
  • High-Quality Australian manufacturing
  • Includes a free mounting kit

Save even more money when you buy our Big Red feeder and drinker package

What’s the difference between ASA and PVC chicken feeders?

ASA plastic is better suited to the outdoor elements. PVC feeders over time deteriorate and become brittle. This makes it more prone to cracking. ASA plastic is made to stand up to the sun, which makes Dine A Chook Automatic chicken feeders the best choice on the market. Here at Dine A Chook we truly consider everything to make certain you are buying the best auto chicken feeder.


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Dine A Chook’s Patented Rain and Gutter System

A unique design that prevents the feed getting wet and therefore reduces waste. Developed in Queensland, Australia to cope with the local tropical rainfall conditions, it has over 10 years of testing and success. It’s our market leading design that we take great pride in. Check out our many 5 star reviews and test it for yourself.

Easy installation

Rear molded hooks allow for easy installation.

To install on to a caged coop, these hooks will slide onto the caging.

The feeder also comes with a bonus mounting kit for installation onto a post or fence.

Learn more about installation

Deep Feeding Bay

Our deep feeding bay, coupled with anti-thrashing paddles ensure the feed stays where it should at feeding time.

You’ll be amazed how quickly your hens will take to eating this way.


Easy access

The chicken feeder lid unscrews to allow you to quickly top up with fresh feed. Featuring a handle so that you can comfortable move the feeder depending on where your hens are chilling out that day.

The base also unscrews to allow for cleaning

There is no need to keep replacing cheap hanging feeders or replacing parts on your treadle feeder. Our Red Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeders are made with quality materials and have excellent heat resistance and weather-ability.

Why is it the Best Chicken Feeder?

  • Instantly save money on wasted feed
  • Keeps chickens healthier
  • Our design deters rodents
  • Feed stays dry
  • Suitable for many types of birds: Most roosters (small-medium comb), Hens, Geese, Ducks, Turkey
  • Durable design. No parts that easily breakdown

How is Dine A Chook a waste-reducing feeder?

For a feeder to reduce feed waste, it must follow the following rules:

  • Keep the feed dry and fresh.
  • Ensure feed stays off the ground
  • Stop chickens from thrashing feed

Our Dine A Chook Automatic Chicken feeders address the issue of feed waste by eliminating the thrashing problem. Inspired from a custom engineered pipe feeder in farm silos, the Dine A Chook has built-in horizontal and vertical anti-rake paddles. The combination of the rain and gutter hood ensures the feed stays fresh in the hopper and not on the ground. Only genuine Dine A Chook eliminates feed waste.

How to stop rats in the Chicken Pen

Chicken food on the ground naturally attracts rats and mice. Think all-you-can-eat buffet for rodents, and you see the problem.

Dine A Chook Big Red Chicken Feeder helps to prevent rats and mice. The pipe feeder is difficult for rats to climb. The size and length of the 180° rain hood protect it from rats gaining access via the top or sides. Put simply, its the smartest feeder on the market with years of research and engineering behind it.

You may have seen youtube clips on how to build a pipe style feeder. The reality is you can not buy the parts of a Dine A Chook at any hardware store. We mold each piece with custom made molding. The lockable lid, the exclusive hopper design, the rear mounting hooks, the anti thrash paddles, and removable base simply can not be recreated from hardware parts. And honestly, why would you bother. The cost of Dine A Chook, the fact that it lasts for years, for the small price you pay, you are getting a feeder unlike any other.