Dine A Chook Quad Outlet Drum Drinker


Our Quad Outlet Poultry Drum Drinker ensures your flock stays hydrated

  • Drum Size: Large 5.28-gallon capacity
  • Includes: 4 Lubing Drinker cups with advanced auto float system
  • Free Express Shipping to USA
  • Australian Made & Engineered
  • Exclusive Modular Click and Connect leak-free fittings
  • Stop contamination, algae and mold
  • Water for up to 16 medium hens for 2-3 days
  • – Extension option is available
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Do you have a large poultry flock? The Dine A Chook Quad Outlet Drum Drinker is the perfect hydration station for your hens.


  • 5.28 gallon drum drinker
  • 4 x Lubing drinker cups with auto float
  • Click and and connect system

Dine A Chook Triple Outlet Drum Drinker details

  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia
  • Freshwater for up to 125-40 hens (depending on the season).
  • New Click and connect modular drinker system for a leak-free fitting
  • Dine A Chook upgraded automatic float system


  • No more leakage or mess
  • Super easy to clean
  • Prevent algae, bacteria, and also contamination in the water

How does the Dine A Chook Drum Drinker Work?

The drum drinker works with the use of Lubing drinker cups and advanced Dine A Chook Floats.
1. The water drum is filled with clean water
2. The Lubing drinker cups fill up with this clean water
3. As the chickens drink from the Lubing Cups the automatic float ensures the cup stays full of water at the desired level

What is the Extension Option

Our extension plumbing allows you to locate the drum drinker outside the coop and have the drinker cup inside the coop. Having the drum outside the cage wire is ideal in instances where room or height is problematic. It also makes it so simple to refill the drum.

Will my hens know how to drink out of this waterer?

Yes. It is unusual for poultry not to take up the drinker straight away. As they are such curious birds, they are generally instantly interested in any new object added into their space. If you feel like they are taking their time, give them a trail of tasty morsels that lead them to their drinking water.

Also available – Drum Drinker with single lubing cup

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Height 14.76 inch, Length 11.14 inch, Width 11.14 inch


Black UV stabilised plastic

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Quad Outlet + Extension, Quad Outlet Drum Drinker


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