Four Outlet Lubing Cup Drinker


Attach the Four Outlet Lubing Cup Drinker to a large water drum for a reliable source of fresh water

  • Free delivery to USA
  • Includes three Lubing Cup drinkers
  • Advanced float for efficient drinker cup refilling
  • New Modular Click and connect system allows you to expand down the track
  • No-drip design
  • No more wasted water
  • Attach to a water drum
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The Dine A Chook Four Outlet Lubing Cup Drinker ensures there are plenty of outlets for your hens to drink from.

Chicken drinker for poultry flock

Our modular chicken drinker is suitable to attach to a large water drum to supply water to larger poultry flocks. The quad drinker offers four lubing cups that operate with an efficient float, automatically topping up the drinking cups as the chickens drink their water. Unlike other poultry drinker cups, ours refill automatically without the float needing to be pressed down.

A cleaner chicken waterer

Poultry drinker cups ensure the drinking water stays fresh and clean. As hens cannot play or jump into the water, it remains a more hygienic drinking source, free from fecal matter and bacteria that is often present on chicken’s feet.

Four Outlet Lubing Cup Drinker details:

  • Suits: Up to 40 hens/birds
  • Install: Simple to install onto a water drum
  • Includes four Lubing Cups with upgraded Dine a Chook floats
  • The Modular Click and connect system allows you to add more drinker cups in the future.
  • Help prevent spills, leaks, and also drips.
  • Industrial design O rings
  • 3/4″ Male BSP Thread
  • Float automatically fills the cup without needing to be pressed down.
  • Easy to clean

What is the extension option?

Our extension plumbing allows you to locate the drum drinker outside the coop and have the drinker cup inside the coop. Having the drum outside the cage wire is ideal in instances where room or height is problematic. It also makes it so simple to refill the drum.

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Dine A Chook Auto Float – Yellow, Drinker Cup – Red

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