German Lubing Cups Blue Float – 4 pack


  • Genuine German lubing brand
  • Dine A Chook Auto-float
  • Stop leaks, drips, and spills
  • Help prevent water contamination
  • Simple to clean
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Now you can own the very best in chicken hydration delivery with German Brand Lubing. Our exclusive Blue Float German Lubing Cups give you the best in appearance, dependability as well as value.

Why use a lubing cup system? 

When you use a lubing cup drinker system you prevent chickens and poultry walking through their drinking water. This means almost no chance of contaminants getting into the water. As such you help prevent the spread of potential disease via the drinker.

Another great point about lubing cups is they are almost zero maintenance. Simply wash and clean out from time to time. One of the best benefits of buying lubing cups at Dine A Chook is our upgraded engineered float. Our float allows more water in the cup for easier access by your hens. Also, it automatically keeps the level in the cup as long as there is water in your drinker.

Key Points of German Lubing cups:

  • One year defect warranty.
  • No more drips or leaks
  • Keeps the coop floor dry
  • Upgraded Dine A Chook Blue float
  • Float automatically fills the cup.
  • Easy to clean

We also sell Australian Made Dine A Chook lubing Drinkers:



Dine A Chook Auto Float – Blue, Drinker Cup – Red

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