Hen and Poultry Feeder Triple Pack

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  • Waste reducing
  • Australian Made ASA super-tough plastic
  • UV treated
  • Keeps feed dry
  • Rodent resistant
  • Top-selling trusted brand
  • Free express freight to the USA
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Our Dine A Chook Hen and Poultry feeder triple pack makes chicken feeding a breeze.

Our revolutionary, Australian Made chicken feeding system is the best in every way. Feed turkey, geese, waterfowl, roosters (small to medium combs) as well as meat and laying hens.


This package contains 3 feeders –

  • Holds up to 8lbs per feeder
  • Total combined feed capacity 24lbs
  • Feed a flock up to 18 chickens for four days
  • 28″ tall
  • Free express freight – delivered in as little as 3 days.

Why is Dine A Chook the best poultry feeder?

  • Stops waste feed being flicked onto the ground
  • Keeps chicken feed dry and fresh
  • Stops cross-contamination
  • Helps stop rats as well as mice
  • Use with all feed types.

Let’s get straight to it. Hens and poultry love to flick and play with their feed. They are certainly not known for their etiquette when they eat. This is one point often overlooked in the design of most feeders.

It is a feature we have spent years perfecting. Our design with internal horizontal and vertical paddles keeps feed in the silo inspired feed hopper. in fact, it is almost impossible for hens to flick feed out. In other words, right from the start, Dine A Chook saves you money by stopping waste feed ending up on the ground.

Feed and Nutrition:

It is important to realize that almost 10 percent of an egg is protein. So an average egg of 56grams has approximately 6grams of protein. Even though hens make it look easy to pop out an egg, the fact is their diet is so important for healthy laying.

What’s the best feed for my hens?

For this reason, seed, as well as grain feed mix, do not have the nutritional requirements that chickens need. Another key point to remember is chickens when given seed and grain mix will only eat what they like and leave the rest. A bit like kids eating the bacon and not touching the greens. With this in mind, to give your hens the best balance of vitamins, minerals and also high protein, we recommend you use layer pellets or mash. These are made in consultation with the poultry industry to ensure laying hens get the dietary requirements they need daily.

Another point here to remember is if you use layer pellets or mash, there is no option for your hens to leave behind what they don’t want to eat. Less wastage means more money back in your pocket.

Save money with our automatic chicken feeders

The Dine A Chook chicken feeders outlive any treadle feeder. There is nothing on our chicken feeder which will require replacing. Made with the best in ASA plastic to withstand the harshest elements, nothing on a Dine A Chook feeder will rust. ASA plastic is used commercially in the out of doors and resists cracking or becoming brittle.

So how do you save money with a Dine A Chook feeder you may ask?

  • Made to stop feed ending up wasted on the ground.
  • Our patented rain hood and gutter keep feed dry and fresh
  • Helps deter rodents such as rats and also mice.
  • May also help deter wild birds.

To summarize, the Dine A Chook system together with a balanced coop management plan and good feed will save you money, help keep your hens healthy, keep the coop cleaner and the rodents away. There is simply no better Hen and Poultry feeder system on the market.

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