The Best Chicken Waterer

Quick Feature List

A quick list of why a Dine A Chook chicken drinker is simply the best

  • Water is cleaner
  • Dryer chicken run
  • Upgraded floats automatically refill drinker cups
  • Made from industrial-grade ASA plastic that will not crack or become brittle.
  • UV-blockout to prevent algae and mold growth
  • No BPA
  • Long-lasting construction. 3 year guarantee
  • Expand your drum drinker with our unique click and connect system

Ensuring your chickens are healthy and well can be a full time job. The Dine A Chook feeders and drinkers aim to not only make chicken keeping easy, but also to keep chickens in top condition. Read on to learn what makes our chicken waterers the best choice.

Drinking cups that automatically refill

The Dine A Chook chicken drinkers utelizes German-made Lubing cups with floats to hydrate your flock. As the water level drops, the auto float opens the valve to refill the drinking cup with fresh water. This automatic refilling takes the fuss away from chicken keeping.

Finally, a drinking system that takes the worry out of chicken hydration. You won’t have to worry about if your flock have knocked over their drinker, or if they have enough water to last the weekend.

Quality materials, 3 year guarantee

Time and time again, the Dine A Chook drinker systems out perform the competitors. Why? because our materials, design and craftsmanship is simply better

Designed in QLD, Australia, the drinkers are able to withstand hot Asssie summers and our ferocious storms. Fitted with German-made Lubing cups and

Types of drinkers to choose from

The Dine A Chook Chicken waterers are available in three different forms to suit your specific chicken-keeping needs. All offer the same, outstanding features with our 3 year guarantee.

Chicken Drinker
Dine A Chook

Tower Waterer

Our most popular chicken waterer is the tower. Available in Small and Large sizes with either one or two drinking cups

Chicken Drum Drinker 5 gallon with lubing cup and blue float
Dine A Chook

Drum Drinker

A Drum drinker allows you to fit up to four drinker cup outlets. The 5 gallon drum keeps your hens well hydrated

Chicken Drum Drinker with lubing cup and blue float
Dine A Chook

Mains Drinker

A full automatice chicken waterer that connect to mains water. You will not have to refill the drinker at all

Healthier, more productive hens

Keeping backyard chickens healthy and laying regularly can be as simple as ensuring clean feed and clean drinking water. A Dine A Chook Chicken Drinker keeps chickens and their dirty feet, out of their water.

Chicken feet are a petri dish of germs. Everyday, you will find them scratching and foraging among their own manure, so it is vital to keep their feet out of their water supply.

The unique design of our chicken waterers also allows you to easily medicate your flock with vitamins, parasite medication and antibiotics if necessary.

A Chicken drinker that keeps your coop dry

Water spillage is a big problem in hen houses. The reason is simple, chickens are curious birds that like to thrash in water and splash in water. Sometimes, the chicken waterer even gets knocked over causes muddy puddles in the coop.

Wet chicken coops are a big problem, not only are they an attraction to rodents; they also pose a potential health hazard. Wet bedding, flooring and feed quickly develops mold and breeds bacteria and is one of the leading causes to chicken respiratory illnesses and common colds.

Click and Connect drinker fitting

The new Dine A Chook Click and Connect fittings allow you to quickly expand your chicken drinker and add more drinking cups. A perfect solution for an expanding flock

Want a fully automatic chicken waterer?

An automatic chicken waterer connects to your mains water. Simply by connecting the tank to the hose, and implementing the plumbing for the nipples of cups it automatically regulates water so that your hens have 24 hour hydration, 7 days a week.