Why choose a dine a chook chicken feeder

Why Choose a Dine Chook Chicken Feeder

Dine a chook chicken feeder features

More Hygienic by design

At the core of it’s design, a Dine A Chook chicken feeder is about healthier and happier hens. One way this feeder is the most hygienic on the market, is that it keep the hens out of its feed.

Chickens use their feet to scratch and forage all day. This means their feet are covered in bacteria and fecal matter. So for the sake of your chicken’s health, it is essential to have a feeder that which by design prevents the feet coming in contact with the feed.

A Cleaner Coop

By design, Dine A Chook eliminates feed waste. Our feeder prevent hens from thrashing feed onto the ground, directing their beak deep into the feeder.

There’s two things that attract rodents and pests into the chicken coop. One is feed on the ground and the other is wet feed. By addressing the cleanliness of the coop you will reduce your risk of rats entering the chicken coop.

Less Maintenance

Unlike mechanical treadle feeders, particularly those mass produced in China. We engineer Dine A Chook Feeders with no moving parts. As such, your feeder will outlast and out perform any treadle or bell-feeder.

One of the top selling points, is Dine A Chook is proudly certified Australian Made. Unlike inferior poultry feeders, made cheaply in China, Dine A Chook ticks all the boxes. We cut no corners when we manufacture a genuine Dine A Chook feeder.

We use ASA plastic which unlike PVC does not become brittle in the sun. Our feeder will not crack from environmental damage. Our patented rain-hood is exclusively engineered in Qld Australia. It Cannot be purchased or reproduced from store-bought pipes. The interior paddles in our feed hopper our exclusive to Dine A Chook and are not found in any other pip or tube feeder. The rear mounting hooks are molded and part of the design this means there are no screws or brackets that rust. The ASA plastic we use is BPA free and Lead free so in the heat, no toxins are released into the chicken feed.

Save money and reduce wastage

By design, Dine A Chook Feeder will save you money on chicken feed by reducing wastage. The feed that you put into one of our feeders, is the feed that they eat, with a negligible amount being wasted. There will be no playing in the feed, no thrashing and scratching in the food supply.

Designed for weather extremes

As mentioned above, Dine A Chook was originally designed for the harsh Australian climates. Think extremes in temperatures and also with rain. The unique rain hood and gutter system works to keep chicken feed dry. While the UV commercial quality ASA plastic construction holds up against the damaging effects of sun and heat.

What do chickens think?

Chickens love our feeders. They will quickly work out exactly where their food is and take to it like a duck to water.

You will quickly notice how much cleaner your chicken coop is, as the hens can no-longer thrash their food onto the ground.

Pair the Dine A Chook feeder with good-quality pellet or mash feed to reap further health benefits. These are also known as a ‘whole feed’ that ensures chickens get the nutrients they require for egg production.

Why choose a dine a chook chicken feeder. Chickens love them

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