About Us

Our Story

Hello there. 

I’m Ryan Biggin, the founder of Dine a Chook.

Today Dine a Chook is Australia’s leading manufacturer of Chicken Feeders and Drinkers. But the Dine a Chook story isn’t all that different from your story – it all started with some chickens.

Buying backyard chickens was a game-changer for our family. The kids loved their new feathered friends. But like most things you buy, we had only been told the good things about keeping poultry. 

Before long, we were experiencing the same problems as any backyard chicken keeper: not enough time, wasted feed and too much mess! We were throwing out wet feed from the tropical downpours, and contaminated feed on the coop floor was attracting rodents. It didn’t seem to matter which chicken feeder we bought, it didn’t keep the feed from spilling and quickly began to deteriorate in the harsh Australian sun. 

There was not enough time in the day to deal with the mess and hassle. We were seriously considering getting rid of the chickens and going back to buying eggs at the store when my good old Dad stepped in to save the day!

After hearing about my frustrations with the chickens, Dad quickly brought me back down to Earth. “The kids love them, mate,” he said. Dad had no interest in chickens, but he loved his grandkids, so he quickly put his engineering background to work. 

Prototype after prototype appeared as Dad tried, tested and modified, working through all the chicken feeder problems that I had complained about. Then he hit upon an idea that changed the backyard chicken feeder industry: Why not take the chicken to the feed, rather than giving the feed to the chicken?

Dad had achieved his goal of saving the chickens for the kids. We finally had a Chicken Feeder that worked! With no more spills and no more wet feed, suddenly chicken keeping was easy. Soon friends and family were asking if they could have one of our Feeders, and Dine a Chook was born. 

The modern Dine a Chook Feeders and Drinkers are the result of over 10 years of continual improvement and innovative engineering. They are still manufactured in Australian and assembled in our warehouse, with quality control from the Old Man himself.

A few chickens changed our lives. But it was Dad who made us see how easy backyard poultry keeping can be with the right equipment and advice. We love our chickens and today our goal is for more people to enjoy keeping poultry. 

Happy Chicken Keeping!

Ryan & Kara Biggin