Bulk Chicken Feeder Drinker Set for Breeders


  • Australian Made Quality
  • Ideal for chicken breeders
  • Stop wasted feed
  • Leak & Drip-free chicken drinker
  • Kit includes
    • 6 x Large Chicken Feeders
    • 6 x Twin Chicken drinkers
    • Free express shipping directly from Australia
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The Dine A Chook Chicken Feeders and Chicken Drinkers are the best solutions for chicken breeders. This kit is highly sought after amongst hobby and professional breeders for its cleanliness, durability and waste-reducing capabilities. What’s more, Dine A Chook makes feeding fast and efficient to save you time.

What you get:

  • 6 x Large Chicken Feeder
  • 6 x Large Chicken drinker with Twin Lubing Drinker Cups
  • Free express shipping directly from Australia

Finally, a Chicken feeder and drinker that will last

Our Dine A Chook Chicken feeder is made to tolerate the harsh Australian weather conditions. Made from durable BPA-Free ASA plastic, to withstand UV damage and give you years of use – without needing to replace parts. This is the Dine A Chook difference.

Cleanliness is our priority

Both our feeders and drinkers have a design with cleanliness and hygiene in mind. In order to keep feed and drinking water, you must prevent poultry from standing or playing in their feed, this will instantly reduce risk of contamination. Our unique construction will also ensure your chicken coop stays cleaner, for healthier chooks. You’ll quickly notice a dramatic difference using our products. Chickens can no longer thrash in their feed, nor can they cause wet puddles – both a haven for pests and parasites.

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1 x Large Chicken Feeder and Drinker Set, 2 x Large Chicken Feeder and Drinker Set, 3 x Large Chicken Feeder and Drinker Set




Drinker Height 21.3", Drinker Width 5.11", Feeder Height 28", Feeder Width 5.11"


Drinker 1.05 gallons, Feeder 8.15 pounds


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What's Included

6 x Large Chicken Feeder

  • Size: 21″ tall, 5.11″ wide, 6 pound capacity
  • Each feeder feeds 4 hens for 4 days
  • Suits layer mash, pellet feed and seed mix
  • Made in Australia
  • Anti thrash paddles preventing food flicked onto floor
  • Superior ASA plastic made tough for the elements
  • Patented rain hood and gutter stops feed from getting wet

6 x Chicken Drinker with Twin Cups

  • Size: 21″ height, 5.11″ width. 1.05 Gallon capacity
  • Dine A Chook exclusive auto float fills the cup to the right height
  • Prevent water spoilage. Hygienic drinking
  • Australian Made Quality
  • Algae, bacteria, and mold resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Leak & drip-free fitting