Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder and Drinker


  • Australian Made Quality
  • Ideal for 2 – 4 hens
  • Waste reducing feeder
  • Leak & Drip-free drinker
  • Compact size for small coops
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Stop the press! The Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder and Drinker is the best way to feed and provide fresh water for your flock.

If you have a small flock of 2-4 hens, this pack will instantly save you time as well as money.

Chicken Feeder Specs:

  • 21″ high
  • 5.11″ wide
  • 6-pound feed capacity
  • Feed up to 4 chooks for 4 days
  • Suits micro pellets, layer mash and also scratch (mixed) seed
  • Made in Australia
  • Superior ASA plastic made tough for the elements
  • Internal horizontal and vertical paddles to prevent feed being thrashed out of the feeder
  • Deep hopper bay so chickens have to insert their head into the feeder
  • Engineered, patented rain hood and gutter to stop feed getting wet
  • Convenient carry lid
  • Molded rear mounting hooks
  • Removable base for easy cleaning
  • Made to keep feed fresh

Chicken Drinker Specs:

  • 21″ high
  • 5.11″ w1.0
  • 1.05 Gallon capacity
  • Enough water for 2 hens for 4 days (depending on climate and environment factors)
  • Easy to fill with hose or bucket
  • Made in Australia
  • Superior ASA plastic made tough for the elements
  • German lubing drinker cup
  • Dine A Chook auto float fills the cup to the right height
  • Resists algae, bacteria, and mold
  • Easy to clean
  • Help prevent water evaporation
  • The vertical design stops hens tipping their water over
  • Leak and drip-free

Australian Made Dine A Chook Chicken feeders and drinkers are the best investment for your backyard hens. Unlike inferior, overpriced feeders made in other countries, Dine A Chook offers the best in quality, engineering, and design as well as value for money.

Over 50,000 customers worldwide can’t be wrong. Become part of the Dine A Chook family today. It’s the best way to say g’day to your feathered friends.

We also sell individually, the below items.

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Drinker Height 21.3", Drinker Width 5.11", Feeder Height 21.06", Feeder Width 5.11"


Drinker 1.05 gallons, Feeder 6 pounds


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Lockable lids

Dine A Chook feeders and drinkers have convenient lock-tight lids that prevent vermin and rodents from entering the feeder or drinker. Also, they keep feed and water fresh.

Made for natural eating

The Dine A Chook feeder is the only feeder to support the natural eating of a chicken. The angular throat is designed to accommodate the curve of a chickens neck. Our feed hopper contains anti thrash paddles that prevent chickens from thrashing feed onto the ground.

The best rain hood and gutter system

Say goodbye to replacing wet chicken feed. Our superior rain hood and gutter design virtually eliminates the chance of wet feed from even torrential downpours. So unless the rain comes in horizontally, your feed stays dry.

Genuine Lubing brand cups

Around the world, German-made Lubing brand drinker cups are acknowledged as the best in quality. We have changed out the float and upgraded them with Dine A Chook exclusive floats to allow even more water in the cup for your hens so they can access it easier than ever before.

Save time

An Australian made Dine A Chook Chicken feeder and drinker lets you get your time back. If you have 2 hens, this small compact feeder supplies enough feed for 4 hens for 4 days. So no more topping up daily. The drinker will supply fresh water for 2 hens for an average of 4 days (depending on the season and environmental factors).

Save money

Our revolutionary system saves you money instantly in more ways than one.

No more waste feed on the ground thanks to our waste-reducing design.
No more wet feed. We engineer our patented hood and gutter system to help prevent feed from getting wet.
Less illness. Our feeder and drinker stop the hens tracking poop from their feet onto the feed and through the water. As a result, they have access to fresh clean water and feed. Less contamination means less chance of illness through the flock via the feed and water supply.


Hens using Dine A Chook feeder and drinker

Image: Hens love Dine A Chook

No more buying replacement parts for a treadle feeder or drinker. Dine A Chook is built to last. Our gravity feed, silo inspired feeder and feed hopper has no moving parts that can fatigue. Also, we use genuine German brand lubing cups which are known worldwide as the best.
Help deter rodents from eating the feed. The Dine A Chook feeder with its waste-reducing design puts an end to waste feed as well as wet feed. As such, there is less invitation for pesty rodents.