Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder and Twin Cup Drinker


  • Includes: 6-pound chicken feeder and 1-gallon chicken drinker with twin drinker cups
  • Australian Made Quality
  • Ideal for 2 – 4 hens
  • Waste reducing feeder
  • Leak & Drip-free drinker
  • Compact size for small coops
  • Free express shipping directly from Australia
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The Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder and Twin Drinker kit is a firm favourite among backyard chicken keepers. Immediately you will notice how much cleaner your chicken coop is. No more wasted feed on the floor and no hazardous water puddles.

A combination of high-quality materials, workmanship and design ingenuity makes Dine A Chook the best chicken feeders and drinkers in the world.

Who is this pack ideal for?

This feeder and drinker kit is perfect for a small flock of hens (2-4 chickens). The twin drinker cups allow more than one hen to drink at a time, preventing coop squabbles at drink time. The 1-gallon capacity is enough to supply 2 hens with fresh water for up to 4 days (depending on the season)

Included in this kit a compact poultry feeder. Large enough to provide 4 hens with food for 4 days, you will never have to top up chicken feed daily again.

No more wasted feed

A Dine A Chook feeder solves one of the biggest problems chicken keepers face – wasted feed.

Feed thrashed onto the ground is not only a waste of money it is also a beacon to rats and other rodents. Our unique chicken feeder system features in-built paddles that effectively stop hens thrashing their beaks in the eating bay. This means no more money squandered on feed that just ends up rotting on the floor. Instant money saving!

The feeder also features are patented rain and gutter hood. Now you can say goodbye to replacing wet feed. We engineer our patented hood and gutter system to help prevent feed from getting wet.

When hygiene matters

Our revolutionary feeding and drinking system is the most hygienic in the world. We can guarantee that your feed and water will be cleaner, now that your hens cannot stand in it.

All-day long, your hens are scratching and walking in their poop. Chicken feet can contaminate feed with multiple diseases and bacteria including deadly salmonella. Dine A Chook prevents dirty chicken feet coming into the feed.

How to mount a Dine A Chook Feeder and Drinker

Each unit features a molded hook for easy (tool-free) mounting onto wired chicken coops. You are also supplied with a mounting kit in the case where you would prefer to attach them onto a steel or timber post.




Drinker Height 21.3", Drinker Width 5.11", Feeder Height 21.06", Feeder Width 5.11"


Drinker 1.05 gallons, Feeder 6 pounds


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What's Included

1 x Twin cup Chicken Drinker

  • Size: 21″ high x 5.11″ w1.0
  • Capacity: 1.05 Gallon
  • 2 x German lubing drinker cups
  • Dine A Chook auto float fills the cup to the right height
  • Enough water for 2 hens for 4 days (depending on climate and environment factors)
  • Fill with hose or bucket
  • Country: Made in Australia
  • Material: Superior ASA plastic made tough for the elements
  • Resists algae, bacteria, and mold
  • Easy to clean
  • Help prevent water evaporation
  • Leak and drip-free

1 x Compact Chicken Feeder

  • Size: 21″ high x 5.11″ wide
  • Capacity: 6-pound feed
  • Feed up to 4 chooks for 4 days
  • Suits micro pellets, layer mash and also scratch (mixed) seed
  • Country: Made in Australia
  • Material: superior ASA plastic made tough for the elements
  • Internal horizontal and vertical paddles to prevent feed being thrashed out of the feeder
  • Deep hopper bay so chickens have to insert their head into the feeder
  • Engineered, patented rain hood and gutter to stop feed getting wet
  • Convenient carry lid
  • Molded rear mounting hooks
  • Removable base for easy cleaning
  • Made to keep feed fresh

2 x Drinker cups

German branded Lubing cups are the best in the world. Used throughout the poultry industry for their leak-free and long-lasting design.

2 x Mounting Kit

Now you can attach your feeder and drinker to just about anything.

Fix the mounting kit to an upright post and the molded hook will slide right in