Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder Twin Pack


  • Made to outlast the elements
  • Holds 12 pounds combined feed capacity
  • Feed 8 chickens for four days
  • 21″ tall – perfect for small hen houses with height restrictive roof
  • Stop wet feed
  • Stop waste feed
  • Help stop rats
  • Free express shipping

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Introducing the Australian Made Dine A Chook Poultryand Hen Feeder system. Dine A Chook addresses all the problems with chicken feeders. Our Chicken Feeder Twin Pack offers you exceptional value for money, stops waste feed, keeps feed dry, and helps control rats.

We use the latest ASA plastic molding technology to ensure your feeder outlasts and outperforms all others on the market. Let’s make this clear from the start; you can not simply go out and purchase the parts of a Dine A Chook feeder at a hardware store. We manufacture all parts in our tooling warehouse. All orders include free express shipping directly from Australia so you can have one in our chicken pen in as little as 3-4 days.

About our Chicken Feeder Twin Pack:

  • Quality Made in Australia
  • 12lbs feed combined capacity
  • Feed up to 8 Chickens for four days
  • Just 21″ tall – ideal for hen houses with a low roof
  • Patented Rain Hood and Gutter System
  • Moulded Rear mounting Hooks
  • Watertight, lockable Cover Lid
  • Free Mounting Kit with brackets and screws
  • Free express shipping

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What birds can use Dine A Chook?

You can use Dine A Chook Poultry feeders to feed:

  • Roosters with small to medium combs
  • Chickens (meat and layers)
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Turkey
  • Waterfowl

Why choose our Poultry Feeder Twin Pack?

As backyard chicken keepers, we found none of the feeders addressed feed waste, rat problems, or feed getting wet. So we set about creating a chicken feeder which did. The result was Dine A Chook. Today, the modern Dine A Chook poultry feeder looks nothing like the original models. With millions of dollars spent in design, engineering, injection molding, and tooling equipment, we have created the best chicken feeder. And it’s not just us saying it. Over 50,000 backyard chicken keepers globally have invested in Dine A Chook Poultry feeders for their henhouse. We sell our feeders now to Australia, NZ, and the UK. Thanks to the global success of Dine A Chook hen feeders, we now ship directly to our mates in the USA.

The modern Dine A Chook Chicken feeding system is UV stabilized, ASA industry-grade plastic. ASA plastic is exceptionally robust and durable. We use this as it can withstand the harshest elements. Rust and parts which fatigue are a thing of the past. Our feeders have nothing that will rust. Our feeders have no moving parts that will break or wear out. A genuine Dine A Chook automatic feeder will outperform and outlast all others.

Poultry Health

Start with feed type: To keep your hens in top shape, you should use a complete feed. Top feed companies work with commercial layers and the poultry industry to develop complete feeds. They scientifically formulate poultry feeds to satisfy the demanding needs of laying hens. Complete feeds come as a pellet or mash and ensure your laying hens get all the vitamins, minerals, and protein they need for their diet.

Chickens, by nature, go to a feeder will play and pick around at the feed. If you use a seed or grain mix, they will only eat what they like, and the rest left as waste. You may have noticed this happen with your flock. You can use seed and grain mix feed with Dine A Chook, but you defeat the purpose of a waste-reducing feeder. If chickens leave feed they don’t like; it ends up costing you in the long run.

Help prevent feed contamination: Chickens walk through their droppings when they forage for food. Diseases can spread quickly through the flock if this contamination ends up in their feed. So it vital to keep dirty feet out of the chicken feed. Unlike troughs and treadle feeders, a chicken can’t put its feet in the Dine A Chook food hopper. Our unique hopper design only lets the chickens head enter the feeding bay. As such, it helps prevent contamination to the feed.

Prevent Moldy feed: Our patented design stops rain coming back under the front lip of the hood. Wet feed is a top cause of mold, fungi, bacteria in the chicken feed. So by keeping feed dry, our feeder once again proves its strength in feed waste reduction.

Say goodbye to feed waste.

As we mention throughout the website, our primary focus is to engineer a chicken feeder that is unmatched in durability, reliability, and functionality.

Frankly, almost every other feeder that claims to reduce waste doesn’t come close to a Dine A Chook. Indeed, every aspect of our unique feed hopper is made to stop food wastage. For this reason, not only will our feeder stop feed getting wet, but it also stops feed ending up on the ground. No other hanging feeder, treadle feeder, or tube pipe feeder can compare.

Stop feed waste on the coop floor: Save money instantly. With other feeders, chickens play and flick their food, and this ends up on the ground. That’s money out of your pocket on the ground.

With inspiration from farm silos, Dine A Chook changed the world of backyard chicken and poultry keeping. The feed hopper houses a unique vertical and horizontal anti-thrash system. Combined with the angular throat of the hopper, it is almost impossible for hens to rake feed out. So say goodbye to spending good earnt money which ends up on the ground as waste.

No more wet feed: While a few have tried, none can match the Dine A Chook patented rain hood and gutter shield protection system. Honestly, it is the best. The hood deflects even the heaviest rain while the gutter shield system stops drips blowing back inside the hopper. So unless the rain flies horizontally, our feeder ensures the feed stays dry and fresh.

3 Ways Dine A Chook deters rats and rodents

As long as you correctly install the Dine A Chook Chicken, it will help prevent rodent problems. Notably, it addresses this in three ways.

  • Stops waste feed on the ground. This is the number one attraction for rats and mice.
  • The hood makes it almost impossible for a rat to climb around to the feed hopper.
  • The vertically mounted position makes it a challenge for rats to climb up from the ground.

If you have a rat problem, together with a good management plan for your coop, Dine A Chook poultry feeder will help solve it.

How to use our Poultry Feeder Twin Pack

Installing a Dine A Chook feeder system in your coop is so simple. We include everything you need to install onto hard wire caging, timber as well as steel posts.

Tools you may require:

If you plan to install your feeder onto a timber or steel post, you will require a drill and drill bit.


Position your feeder, so the feed bay hole is positioned no higher than the neck of your smallest hen. If you have small hens, place a brick or small step in front of the feeder, so the feeder is not sitting on the ground for rats to jump into.

Installing on rigid cage wire

We have positioned the rear molded mounting hooks, so they fit most hard wire caging.

Installing on timber or metal posts

Mark out the positions for the brackets we include. Predrill the screw holes. Screw the brackets into place and slip in the rear molded hooks. It really can’t be any easier.

So why are you waiting? Besides buying the world’s best chicken and poultry feeder, you also receive free express shipping to any destination to the USA mainland.

Feeder comparison table:

Treadle Feeder Dine A Chook
Parts require replacement ✅ No moving parts
Rusts over time ✅ No rust
Allows waste to end up on the ground ✅ Eliminates feed waste
Invites rats and mice ✅ Helps prevent rats and mice
✅ Reduce cross-contamination
✅ Stops feed getting wet



535 mm, 21.06 inches


2.75 pounds


Per feeder: 3.5lt, 0.92 gallons, 6 pounds


Commercial ASA Plastic

UV Treated



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