Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder Twin Pack


  • Australian Made Quality
  • Holds 16 pounds of combined feed
  • Feed 12 Chooks for four days
  • 28″ tall
  • Stops feed waste
  • Keeps food fresh and dry
  • Rat prevention
  • Free express shipping
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You might be wondering, is there any chicken feeder that stops waste? The answer is yes. Are you time poor and need a chicken feeder to feed the flock for more than a day or two? Then you need Dine A Chook in your chicken coop. Our Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder twin pack can feed up to 12 hens for four days. Now that’s impressive.

Stop waste feed, save money, and get back your time.

Only Dine A Chook make chicken feeders that stop food waste instantly. How?

  • They prevent waste feed on the ground
  • Help stop rats and mice
  • Keep feed dry and fresh

We only use ASA industrial plastic, which means super durability in the out of doors. It gets better. All Dine A Chook chicken feeders are built in Australia, so you know they are made tough. Dine A Chook is now available in the USA with free express freight. That’s our bonus to our US mates.

Large Chicken Feeder Twin Pack:

Our Dine a Chook Large Chicken Feeder Twin Pack contains 2 ready to go chicken feeders. Each feeder has the below specifications and features.

  • Height: 28″ tall
  • Holds: 8.15 pounds of mash or pellet feed
  • Feeds: Up to six hens for 4 days
  • Engineered rain hood and gutter made keeps chicken food dry
  • Stops feed ending up on the ground
  • Works with layer pellets as well as layer mash
  • Helps prevent rats and mice
  • Secure watertight lid and also a durable carry handle
  • Will never rust
  • Rear molded mounting hooks for easy mounting
  • Industrial-grade ASA plastic – super tough
  • Australian made
  • Bonus mounting kit
  • Free Express freight

The feeder that feeds more than just hens

Many feeders only feed one type of bird. Dine A Chook is different. The unique design of our Chicken feeders can suit the feeding of many different birds.

  • Hens
  • Most roosters (small-medium comb)
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Turkey

Here’s our favorite, the Billabong Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia, feed their emu with Dine A Chook. How cool is that!

Help stop rats:

So even if you have hens in Galveston or out the back of your homestead in Virginia, your coop always seems to attract rodents and rats.

But here’s the deal, the top reason for the attraction is not the chickens. It is, in fact, the waste feed on the ground near the feeder. The smell for rodents is as irresistible as an all you can eat buffet.

Dine A Chook helps fix this problem once and for all. We use several unique features that together deter rats and mice.

The shape of our pipe feeder is circular and smooth, so rats coming from the back of the feeder can’t make it. The patented rain hood and gutter prevent them from coming in from the top. And the vertical mounting presents another obstacle for rodents.

By only feeding your poultry and not every critter in the district, you save even more money.



Stop chicken feed getting wet.

Ten years of research and development is behind the Dine A Chook rain shield and gutter system. Over 50,000 customers in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand benefit every day from not having to replace wet chicken feed.

You work hard for your money. Keep the rain out and stop wasting money on wet feed.

Even after the most torrential rain, your hens will still wake up to fresh, tasty, dry food.


How we stack up to other feeders

  • Stop feed contamination
  • Easy to clean
  • Helps stop rats and mice
  • Prevents feed from getting wet
  • Outlasts all other poultry feeders

Hanging and Bell Feeders:

Hens by their nature will flick feed out of a hanging feeder or bell straight on the ground. Remember, feed on the ground is an all you can eat buffet for rats and mice. Also, hanging and bell feeders use cheap plastic construction, which ends up as landfill in no time at all. Without UV treatment, plastics deteriorate quickly in the sun.


Treadle feeders are unquestionably better than hanging and bell feeders. We haven’t mentioned open trough feeders because there is no point. Modern treadle feeders may have a locking mechanism or pin that locks the lid at night. But seriously, how much time do you have in the day to secure the lid nightly?

Then there are the moving parts that wear out and require replacing. And, let’s not forget rust. Even galvanized feeders rust out. If hens are feeding in the rain, the feed gets wet. 

Chicken Health:

Chickens can walk salmonella into their feed. Salmonella is a harmful germ for both chickens and humans alike. A treadle feeder allows chickens to walk on their feed. The Dine A Chook feeder helps prevent feed contamination by its design. The only part of the chicken which can get to the feed is the beak and head. The feet are unable to walk on the feed. Dine A Chook is the healthiest way for your hens to feed.

You won’t believe how intelligent rats are. They can work as teams to stand on the treadle to open the lid. That’s smart.

The bottom line is regardless of clever marketing or advertising claims, there is no 100% Rat Proof Feeder. But based on the feedback from our customers, if you use a Dine A Chook Hen Feeder with a Good Coop Management strategy, you shall keep rats controlled.

The difference in our plastic

We use industrial ASA thermoplastic for every feeder and drinker. It looks similar to PVC but lasts longer in environmental stress. Also, it stays glossy and is resistant to cracking or becoming brittle. Top outdoor furniture companies use ASA because of its durability out of doors.

How to use a Dine A Chook?

Position the Dine A Chook

You can fit and position the Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder in place quickly. Depending on what you are securing it to, you may require a drill and screwdriver to fit the mounting brackets which come with the kit. Alternatively, the rear molded hooks fit many hardwire pens.

The critical part is the height. You should position the Dine A Chook hopper entry is no higher than the neck of your smallest hen.

Adjust the screw base

The Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder has a convenient removable screw base that allows for easy cleaning. When you fit your Dine A Chook into position, adjust the removable bottom, so it is flush with the base of the pipe feeder. This allows for optimal feed in the hopper.

Fill with feed

Topping up the feeder with feed it so easy. Take off the top lid, fill, and return the cap.

For the health of your hens, it is important to give them a complete feed. We recommend you use a Pellet feed or Layer mash. Unlike seed or grain feed, these are scientifically formulated with the essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins laying hens need for their productivity, nutrition, and also health.

What does it take to make a Dine A Chook?

Our manufacturing warehouse uses the latest in injection molding technology and tooling to mold every part of the Dine A Chook feeding system. We inspect and assemble every unit by hand to ensure they are perfect.

We also have a Small Dine A Chook automatic feeder made for Coops with height restrictions.

So what are you waiting for? Join the more than 50,000 chicken keepers who are part of the Dine A Chook family.


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