Large Chicken Feeder with 5 Gal Twin Cup Drum Drinker


  • Large Chicken Feeder and Drinker Kit
  • Australian Made & Engineered
  • Exclusive Click and Connect leak-free fittings
  • Water for up to 16 medium hens for 2-3 days
  • The most hygienic feeder and waterer
  • Free express shipping directly from Australia
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If you have a large flock of chickens, the Large Chicken Feeder with 5 Gallon Twin Cup Drum Drinker is the ideal solution for your coop. Your hens will be properly accomodated for if you choose to go away for the weekend, or don’t have the time to check in on them daily.

The Dine A Chook system is both money saving and waste reducing. Our large chicken feeder prevents food wastage and is a most hygienic choice for your hens. The Drum drinker is also a the best choice for your hens as it provides a flow of fresh, uncontaminated water


  • 1 x 5.28-gallon Chicken drum drinker with two drinking cups
  • 1 x Large Chicken Feeder
  • Free express shipping directly from Australia

Highlights of our Chicken feeder and drinker kit:

  • Our chicken drinker ensures no more leakage or mess
  • A cleaner, more hygenic coop. Dine A Chook chicken feeders and drinkers are the cleanest choice for your coop.
  • Super easy to clean
  • Our drinker prevents algae, bacteria, and also contamination in the water
  • Our feeder features a patented rain hood – to stop feed from getting wet




Black UV stabilised plastic


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What's Included

Chicken Drum Drinker with Twin Drink Cups

  • Size: 5 Gallon chicken drinker
  • Leak Free, easy to clean design
  • Hygenic, keeps your chickens out of the drinking water which causes dirt and faecal contamination
  • Lubing drinking cups with new & improved Dine A Chook float
  • Cups automatically refill as the chicken drink
  • UV-resistant fittings

Set up your Drum drinker on a crate so the drinking cups sit at your chicken’s eye levels

Large Chicken Feeder 8.15lbs

  • Capacity: 8.15 pounds
  • Feeds 6 chickens for 4 days
  • Stop feed wastage
  • Keeps feed clean and dry
  • Helps prevent rodents
  • Use with pellet or mash feed
  • Industrial-grade ASA plastic – made for the elements
  • Australian manufactured parts
  • Comes with a mounting kit