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Once you have a Dine a Chook Feeder, you'll never go back. It's not just the money saved on feed that used to be spilled and wasted. It's the water-tight design that means you never have to throw away wet feed. And the time saved on sweeping up spilled feed and even re-filling the Feeder!

Our Dine a Chook Large Chicken Feeder Six Pack can hold enough feed for 12 chickens for up to 2 weeks!

Farm Package (Six Pack) Overview:

  • 6 x Large Chicken Feeders each with an 8.15 lb capacity (depending on feed type)
  • Combined capacity 48.9 lb approx.
  • Height: Each Feeder is 28″ tall
  • Patented stay dry rain hood with gutter system keeps feeding bay dry
  • Stops waste feed ending up on the ground
  • Works with commercial pellet and mash feeds
  • Deters rats and mice by removing the main attractant: spilled feed!
  • Convenient lock tight lid and carry handle
  • Will never rust – no screws
  • Rear molded hooks
  • Industrial-grade ASA plastic – made for the elements
  • Australian made quality
  • FREE Mounting Kit for timber and metal surfaces (2 steel brackets and 4 screws per Feeder)

Instantly with the Dine a Chook Farm Pack, you can:

  • Feed 12 chickens for 2 weeks
  • Stop waste feed
  • Keep feed dry and fresh

But it's more than that. Not only does a Dine a Chook system look super cool, it also works. We use patented design features which mean that you simply cannot pop into the hardware store and buy some PVC to copy a Dine a Chook. Over 10 years of development and engineering make this the best waste-reducing Automatic Chicken Feeder system in the world.

Our Chicken Feeders are 100% made in Australia and use industrial-grade ASA plastic. So a Dine a Chook is super tough, super durable, and will outlast PVC and galvanized treadle feeders.

Feed almost all poultry

Many feeders only feed one type of bird. Dine a Chook is uniquely different. With Dine a Chook, you can also feed:

  • Chickens
  • Bantams
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Turkeys
  • Guinea fowl
  • Many other species of poultry and game birds

How’s this for a crazy fact? In Australia, the Billabong Sanctuary use our Feeders to feed their resident emu.

Control rats and mice in the hen house 

Regardless if your chickens are in Galveston or out of doors in West Virginia, rodents can be a challenge in and around the hen house.

The number one cause of attraction for rats is feed ending up on the ground. Waste feed on the ground is like a commercial billboard advertising all-you-can-eat for rodents.

We designed Dine a Chook to help address this problem. The Feeder uses several innovative features to help thwart rats and mice by preventing feed spillage. This includes the silo-inspired feeding bay and the internal paddles. These innovative design elements help save your money by only feeding your chickens and poultry. Plus, by keeping feed off the floor and in the Feeder, you make your hen house less attractive to rodents.


Patented Rain Gutter System

With more than 10 years of development behind it, our patented rain hood and gutter system keeps the feeding bay dry in the most inclement weather.

Stop feed waste by keeping feed dry!

Developed for the tropical rainfall of Queensland Australia, a Dine a Chook Feeder keeps your feed dry and fresh.


How to set up a Dine a Chook Feeder


Installing a Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder is quick and easy with the complementary Mounting Kit. Depending on the surface, you will require a drill and/or screwdriver for installation.

The critical part of installing a Dine a Chook Feeder correctly is the height. You should position the Feeder so that the feeding bay opening is no higher than the neck of your smallest hen. If you have a mixed flock or wish to position the Feeder higher to deter rodents, provide a brick or block as a step. Always monitor your chickens after installation to ensure they can all access the feeding bay. 

Dine a Chook Feeders must be installed using the two steel mounting brackets provided. For wire mesh and cages, we recommend purchasing an additional Wire Mesh Mounting Kit and saving yourself a trip to the hardware store. For installation directly on a solid surface such as timber or metal, all you will need is the complementary Mounting Kit and a drill.

Feeding bay depth adjustment

The Dine a Chook Large Chicken Feeder has a convenient, removable base that allows for easy cleaning and can be used to adjust the depth of the feeding bay to suit the type of feed and breed of chicken. When you fit your Dine a Chook into position, adjust the removable bottom. In most situations, the screw base should be flush with the base of the Feeder pipe to allow the feed hopper to fill automatically.

Choose the best chicken feed

Topping up the Feeder with feed is so easy. Take off the lid, fill, and return the cap.

For the health of your hens, it is important to give them a complete feed. We recommend you use a Pellet feed or Layer mash. Unlike scratch mix, these are scientifically formulated with the essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins that laying hens need for their productivity, nutrition and health.

What does it take to make a Dine a Chook?

Our manufacturing warehouse uses the latest in injection molding technology and tooling to mold every part of the Dine a Chook feeding system. We assemble every unit by hand, inspecting them to ensure they are perfect.

We also have a Small Dine a Chook Automatic Feeder made for chicken coops with height restrictions.

So what are you waiting for? Join the more than 50,000 chicken keepers who are part of the worldwide Dine a Chook family.

28 inches (720 mm)
Weight (per unit):
3.19 lb (1.05 kg)
Capacity (per unit):
8.15 lb/1.24 gal (4.7 L)
Commercial ASA thermoplastic
UV Treated:

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