Dine A Chook Chicken Drinker


  • Size: 1.05 gallon / 4 litre
  • Measurements: 21.3″ H x 5.11″ W
  • Made for the toughest conditions
  • Inhibits mold growth in drinking water
  • Say goodbye to leaks, drips, and puddles
  • Quality Australian Made product
  • No clog, genuine German lubing cup drinker
  • Upgraded Dine A Chook automatic float
Ships from the East Coast
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Chicken Drinker Features

  • Size: 1.05 gallon / 4 litre
  • Measurements: 21.3″ H x 5.11″ W
  • Less spillage for a drier chicken coop
  • Fresh, clean water with reduced risk of contamination
  • Attaches to frame or wall with two rear molded mounting hooks
  • Origin: Australian Made with a German Lubing Cup
  • Prevents algae and mold growth
  • Float senses water reduction in the lubing cup and automatically tops up the water.
  • UV treated ASA plastic tank.
  • No chemicals or glues
  • Warranty: 3 years on drinker / 1 year on the lubing cup

How the Drinker Works

The Dine A Chook Chicken Drinker features a Lubing Cup and float. The cup automatically refills as your chicken sips its water. Simply refill the tank as required.

Made Tough

The Australian Made drinking system for harsh conditions. After all, if it can survive in the harsh Australian sun, it can operate just about anywhere.

Select Quantity

1 x 1.05 gallon drinker, 2 x 1.05 gallon drinker, 3 x 1.05 gallon drinker, 4 x 1.05 gallon drinker


Height 21.3 inch, Width 5.11"


1.05 gallon, 4 liters


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Why a dry Chicken Coop is Best

Our drinkers help keep the coop dry. They do not drip or leak and put an end to muddy puddles.

Muddy puddles cause bacteria growth, which can lead to illness or respiratory disease. Moisture can also lure rodents to your hen house.

Dine A Chook drinker stops chickens from splashing about in their drinking water. Once attached to a wall or frame, is it impossible to tip over.

Cleaner water for your hens

Chickens are curious birds, given the opportunity they will scratch around in their poop, then jump all afternoon in their drinking water. Let’s think about that for a moment. Just how clean is their water if their dirty feet have just been wading in it? The Dine A Chook Chicken Drinker stops contamination.

The Dine A Chook Drinking System ensures clean water for your flock. They simply cannot stand or play in their drinking water, preventing mud, dirt, and poop contamination.

Easy to Install

Your hens will be sipping at their new drinker in no time at all. Featuring molded hooks that will slide onto a wire chicken coop.

Alternatively, use the included mounting kit to fit the drinker onto a timber or steel post