Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder


  • Australian Made so you know it’s built to last
  • Holds 8.15 pounds of feed per feeder
  • Feed 6 Chooks for four days per feeder
  • 28″ tall
  • Stop waste feed
  • Keep feed fresh and dry
  • Help stop rats
  • Free Shipping
Ships from the East Coast
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If you’re tired of wasting money on replacement parts for your treadle feeder or cheap hanging feeders, the Dine A Chook large chicken feeder is the perfect solution. engineered to stop waste feed instantly, it also helps control rats and mice around the hen house. Plus, the patented rain and gutter system prevents wet feed, keeping your chickens healthy and happy.

Made of ASA industrial plastic, this large chicken feeder is built to last. And because it’s Australian-made, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality chicken feeder on the market. So don’t wait any longer, order your Dine A Chook large chicken feeder today!

Dine A Chook Large Feeder:

  • Size: 28″ tall
  • Capacity: 8.15 pounds / 4.7 Litre per individual feeder
  • Each feeder can feed up to 6 birds for four days.
  • Patented Rain hood and gutter keep feed dry.
  • Stops waste feed ending up on the ground.
  • Works with commercial pellet and mash feeds
  • Deters rats and mice
  • Convenient lockable lid and durable carry handle
  • Will never rust – no screws
  • Rear molded hooks for easy wire mounting
  • Industrial-grade ASA plastic – made for the elements
  • Australian manufactured parts
  • Comes with a free mounting kit

Looking for a large chicken feeder that can help you save on waste feed? Look no further than the Dine A Chook chicken feeder! This amazing patented design instantly stops waste feed in two ways. Firstly, the feed stays in the hopper so it doesn’t go to waste on the ground. Secondly, the feed in the hopper stays dry even with heavy rain. And by preventing feed on the ground, it helps prevent rodents and uninvited guests. The money you spend on your investment in a Dine A Chook feeder is repaid by the benefits and cost savings in waste feed. Order yours today!


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Rain hood that stops feed getting wet

No more wasting your money replacing wet chicken feed. Dine A Chook has an injection-molded body with a patented rain and gutter system that keeps out the rain. So unless your rain comes in sideways, Dine A Chook keeps feed dry and mold-free.

Design based on a chickens anatomy

We engineer Dine A Chook to support the natural eating habits of chickens. The purposeful curve feeder entry allows for comfortable eating. Also, our feeders have a unique anti thrash system that prevents chickens from flicking feed out of the feeder.

Easy lockable lid with handle

The lock-tight lid keeps feed dry and fresh. Simply turn to remove to top up the feeder when required. The molded carry handle makes moving your Dine A Chook from one location to another a breeze. The lid is also vermin and rodent resistant.

A chicken feeder so simple to clean

No more headaches pulling apart your chicken feeder for a good clean. Our removable base plate unscrews so you can hose out your Dine A Chook. Once dry, remount on your cage wire or post and fill with fresh feed.

Super tough Industrial ASA Molded plastic

All Dine A Chook feeders and drinkers are UV treated to protect them out of doors in the elements. We use commercial ASA plastic which helps prevent them from becoming brittle or cracking. As such your Dine A Chook is made to last for years.

The Best Poultry Feeder

There are many feeders on the market that can feed one type of bird but not another. Dine A Chook is different. The versatile design of our poultry feeders means they can accommodate many different kinds of birds.

The biggest stand-out feature of a Dine A Chook feeder is made for a chicken’s anatomy. The purposeful curve throat supports the natural posture for a chicken to feed. No other feeder has such a design.

  • Most roosters (small-medium comb)
  • Hens
  • Geese
  • Ducks
  • Hens
  • Turkey

As a matter of fact, in Queensland, Australia, the Billabong Sanctuary use Dine A Chook to feed their resident emu.

Help stop rats in the henhouse:

It doesn’t matter if you have hens on a property in Kansas or out the back of your home in Arlington, mice and rats are a constant challenge in a chicken pen.

The number one cause of attraction for rats is feed ending up on the ground. The waste feed is like neon advertising all you can eat for rodents.

We designed Dine A Chook to help address this problem. The feeder uses several innovative features to help thwart off rats and mice. The pipe feeder’s circular shape makes it a physical challenge for rats to climb around to the front. The 180° rain hood’s length and shape make it almost impossible to gain access to the feeding bay from the top or sides. Also, because the tube feeder elevated off the ground, rats find the elevated height another physical obstacle.

These innovative design elements help save your money by only feeding your chickens and Poultry.



Patented Rain Gutter System

With more than 10years of development behind it, simply no other brand beats our Rain and Gutter System.

Stop feed waste from preventing it from getting wet.

And it Works.

Developed for the Tropical Rainfall of Queensland Australia, the Dine A Chook Rain and Gutter System keeps your feed dry and fresh.


How does Dine A Chook compare?

  • Stop feed contamination
  • Easy to clean
  • Helps stop rats and mice
  • Prevents feed from getting wet
  • Outlasts all other poultry feeders

Hanging Feeders:

Because of their design, hens can thrash the feed out of a hanging feeder onto the ground. And if rats aren’t eating it off the ground, they soon work out they can climb down the rope or chain to get some more feed. Also, most Hanging Feed Units still leave the feed open to getting wet.

Treadle Feeders:

We feel treadle feeders are certainly better than hanging feeders or open troughs. Modern ones have a lock pin, which you can lock the lid down at night to stop rats. But seriously, who wants to go out every night and morning to put the pin in or out? Also, hinges and springs fail and break over time. Even the best-galvanized feeders will eventually rust out.  So you are either replacing moving parts or buying a new feeder. Cheaply constructed treadle feeders rust out in no time at all. If hens feed in the rain, the feed can still get wet. Waste feed costs money.

Another notable point is chicken health. Contaminated feed can spread disease and illness through the flock in no time at all.  Treadle feeder allows chickens to walk on the feed while another is holding the pedal down. As such, their feet contaminate the feed.

Our automatic chicken feeder with its generous 4″ feed hopper only allows the head and beak to enter the feeding bay. There is almost zero possibility of chicken manure contamination in the feed bay.

Rats can still take over a treadle feeder. Rats learn to work as a team to stand on the treadle step to open and access the feed.

The reality, regardless of advertising or marketing claims, there is no 100% Rat Proof Feeder. However, our customer feedback and global sales are a testament that if you combine a Dine A Chook Poultry Feeder with a Sound Coop Management plan, you shall all but eliminate Rats.

Patent-pending features:

So what does a waste-reducing feeder mean exactly? For a feeder to indeed reduce feed waste, it must:

  • Prevent chickens thrashing feed out of the feeder
  • Keep feed fresh and dry.
  • Keep feed off the ground.

Dine A Chook Automatic Chicken Feeders stop feed wastage!


We drew inspiration for our custom engineered pipe feeder from farm silos. We addressed the thrashing and raking issue by the incorporation of built-in horizontal and vertical anti-rake paddles.  Together with the rain and gutter hood, Dine A Chook keeps feed fresh, stops raking behavior, and, most importantly, feed stays in the hopper. No mess on the ground and virtually no feed wasted.

Difference between ASA and PVC plastic

We use ASA thermoplastic in every Dine A Chook. ASA looks similar to PVC but resists environmental stress better in the outdoors. Also, it retains its gloss and resists deterioration and cracking in the elements. Many leading outdoor furniture manufacturers now use ASA because of its durability out of doors.

How to use a Dine A Chook feeder?

Position the Dine A Chook

You can fit and position the Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder in place quickly. Depending on what you are securing it to, you may require a drill and screwdriver to fit the mounting brackets which come with the kit. Alternatively, the rear molded hooks fit many hardwire pens.

The critical part is the height. Mount the Dine A Chook, so the hopper entry is no higher than the neck of your smallest hen.

Adjust the screw base

The Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder has a convenient removable screw base that allows for easy cleaning. When you fit your Dine A Chook into position, adjust the removable bottom, so it is flush with the pipe feeder base. This allows for optimal feed in the hopper.

Fill with feed

To fill or top up up the tube feeder unit is so easy. Take off the top lid, fill, and return the cap.

For the health of your hens, it is important to give them a complete feed. We recommend you use a Pellet feed or Layer mash. Mash and pellet feed are scientifically formulated with the essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins laying hens need for their productivity, nutrition, and also health.

What does it take to make a Dine A Chook?

Our manufacturing warehouse uses the latest injection molding technology and tooling to mold every part of the Dine A Chook feeding system. We inspect and assemble every unit by hand to ensure they are perfect.

We also have a Small Dine A Chook automatic feeder made for Coops with height restrictions.

So what are you waiting for? Join the more than 50,000 chicken keepers who are part of the Dine A Chook family.