Dine A Chook Twin Cup Chicken Drinker 1 gal


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  • Helps stop mold & algae growth in drinking water
  • No more leaks, drips, and puddles
  • Suits up to 16 medium hens
  • Holds 1.05 gallons
  • Australian Made
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How the Dine A Chook Drinker Works

Once the poultry drinker is installed, you simply fill with water and secure the lid back on. The automatic lubing cup with our upgraded float fills with water ready for use immediately. Unlike other inferior float style lubing cups, ours fills the cup automatically when required without the need for your hen to push down on the float.

Chicken Drinker Features

  • Size: 1.05 gallon / 4 litre
  • Number of lubing cups: 2
  • Measurements: 21.3″ H x 5.11″ W
  • Suits 12-16 medium hens
  • Less spillage for a drier chicken coop
  • Fresh, clean water with reduced risk of contamination
  • Attaches to frame or wall with rear molded mounting hook
  • Origin: Australian Made with two German Lubing Cups
  • Prevents algae and mold growth
  • Float senses water reduction in the lubing cup and automatically tops up the water
  • UV treated ASA plastic tank
  • No chemicals or glues
  • Warranty: 3 years on drinker / 1 year on the lubing cup

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100% Made and hand assembled in Australia by Dine A Chook

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1 x 1.05 gallon drinker, 2 x 1.05 gallon drinker, 3 x 1.05 gallon drinker, 4 x 1.05 gallon drinker


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Clean, freshwater is essential for hens

Hens are curious by nature. They love room to scratch and forage around in the sun all day long. But this very routine means inevitably their feet will get contaminated by their own poop. Many chicken drinkers allow them to walk traces of this into their drinking water. Contaminated drinking water easily leads to infection and illness throughout the flock.

Dine A Chook Drinking System stops hens tracking poop into their water. The elevated smart drinker with lubing cups ensures the only part of the hen which accesses the water is their beak.

Keep the coop and run dry

Dine A Chook Chicken Drinkers keep the floor of the coop and run dry. No spills or mess caused by leaks or knocking over the drinker. This is a top-selling point for the revolutionary Dine A Chook Twin Cup Chicken Drinker system.

Puddles on the ground as well as muddy puddles is a leading cause of bacteria growth. This can lead to sickness and respiratory disease throughout the entire flock. Moisture also attracts rodents to your coop.

Dine A Chook Drinkers keep the coop and run dry.

Built tough for the elements

Genuine Dine A Chook is made with ASA Commercial plastic which helps prevent bacteria, mold, and also algae growing in the drinker.

Plus, all Dine A Chook drinkers and feeders are UV stabilized so they will last in the elements.

Our drinkers are made for the harsh Australian elements. You simply can’t find a chicken drinker tougher than Dine A Chook.

Easy to Install

Rear Molded hooks allow for easy installation of the chicken drinker. Hook onto your cage coop or use the included mounting kit to install onto a timber or metal post.