Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder


  • Australian Made for harsh conditions
  • Holds 6-7 pounds of feed
  • Feed 4 Chooks for four days
  • 21″ tall – perfect for small hen houses and coops with a height restriction
  • Stop feed getting wet
  • Eliminate waste feed
  • Help prevent rats
  • Free express shipping
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Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder is now available in the USA. Made in Australia, it uses the latest molding in ASA plastics; Globally, Dine A Chook is praised as one if not the most robust, most durable chicken feeder available. With over 50,000 Dine A Chook feeders in backyard farms across the globe, you aren’t just buying a feeder; you are becoming part of the Dine A Chook family. All our feeders are shipped by express so you can have one in as little as 3-4 days.

Small Chicken Feeder by Dine a Chook:

  • Australian Made Quality
  • 6lbs feed capacity
  • Save money instantly – Stops feed wastage
  • Feed up to 4 Chickens for four days
  • 21″ height – great for small hen houses with a height restriction
  • Rain Gutter System to keep feed dry
  • Prevent mold in feed
  • Rear Moulded Hooks
  • Watertight Cover Lid
  • Includes Bonus Mounting Kit with Screws and Steel brackets
  • Includes free express shipping

If your flock is larger, consider our Large Dine A Chook feeder

Why you need our Small Chicken Feeder?

The Dine A Chook revolutionary chicken feeders have ten years of engineering behind it. Today, we sell Dine A Chook feeders globally in Australia, New Zealand. Genuine Dine a Chook brand Small Chicken Feeders also have a huge following in the United Kingdom and USA. Only a Dine A Chook automatic chicken feeder tackles all the known problems other chicken and poultry feeders have. We use UV treated, ASA industrial-grade plastic, made to withstand the harshest elements. Say goodbye to rust and parts that fatigue. Dine A Chook has nothing that will rust and no moving parts to break or wear out. It will outlast and outperform all other chicken feeders.

What’s the difference between ASA plastic and PVC?

Over the course of time, a PVC chicken feeder is prone to become brittle. This can cause it to crack easily. Plastic made from ASA is ideal for outdoor elements.  ASA is less prone to cracking or brittleness. ASA is also better suited to the extremes of UV as well as hot and cold temperatures.

Better Chicken Health tips

Do you love your hens? We have a great new blog for everything you need to know about keeping backyard chickens. Learn all the tips and tricks so you can have healthier, happier hens in the coop. Visit the Dine A Chook Blog







535 mm, 21.06 inches


2.75 pounds


3.5lt, 0.92 gallons, 6 pounds


Commercial ASA Plastic

UV Treated



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Stop waste feed

Exclusive built-in anti thrash paddles and angular throat to prevent feed ending up on the ground

Stop wet feed

Patented rain hood and gutter system that prevents feed from getting wet even in heavy rain.

Keep feed fresh

Our lockable lid helps keep feed fresh. It also keeps water out. The convenient carry handle makes moving the Dine A Chook easy.

Rear molded hooks and mounting kit

Our durable rear molded hooks fit most rigid cage wire for easy, fast-fitting to your coop. We also include a free set of mounting brackets to mount your Dine A Chook to a timber or metal post.

Super easy to clean

Our removable base cap makes cleaning your Dine A Chook feeder super easy. Simply unscrew, hose out, allow to dry, and then refit the cap.

Chicken Health

Made for the anatomy of chickens: Dine A Chook is the only chicken feeder hopper system that is made for the anatomy of a chicken. The curved angular shaping of the feeder throat allows comfortable use by your chicken and follows the natural shaping of the chicken’s neck.

Feed Types: The Dine A Chook helps your hens and poultry stay healthy. You can use all Quality layer mash, layer pellets, and also seed and grain mixes in Dine A Chook. However, to truly stop waste feed and discourage selective feeding, you should feed chickens a complete feed such as layer pellets or mash. Chickens are fussy eaters. They pick the tasty things out of seed or grain feed mix and leave the rest. So although layer pellets may seem more expensive, by removing options, you end up with almost zero wastage.  Layer pellets and mash offer a complete formulated protein-rich diet for your hens. Better for them, and less wastage for you.

Reduce contamination and disease: The introduction of chicken manure to the feed can quickly spread infection throughout the coop. Chickens forage naturally throughout the day. It is crucial to keep dirty feet out of the feed they eat. Unlike other feeders, including treadle feeders, the Dine A Chook Gravity chicken feeder only allows the chickens head into the feed bay. So it not only keeps feed fresh but also helps eliminate potential contamination introduced by dirty feet. By stopping feet walking through the feed, you help prevent the spread of disease caused by feed contamination.

Prevent mold in the feed: Our patented rain hood and the gutter system prevents the feed from getting wet. Wet feed is the number one cause of mold as well as bacteria throughout the chicken feed.

Eliminate feed waste

The engineering behind the Dine A Chook is what makes it the best. We manufacture each automatic chicken feeder in our Australian tooling warehouse; each Dine A Chook part is unparalleled in design and durability. Above all, we have engineered Dine a Chook Tube feeders to stop feed waste. Our hen and poultry feeders combine the latest design technology to achieve what other tube pipe feeders can only dream.

Stop feed on the coop floor: This fantastic Automatic Chicken feeder puts money back in your pocket instantly. Chicken feed on the ground ends up as wasted money. Inside the silo inspired hopper bay are custom-engineered vertical and horizontal paddles. These prevent your hens from raking food out of the feeder. Say goodbye to wasting your money and feed.

Stop feed getting wet: While a few have tried to copy our design, Dine A Chook patented rain hood and the gutter system is unquestionably the best. The rain hood deflects even the most torrential downpours while the engineered gutter system repels and prevents drips coming back into the feed hopper. So unless you have horizontal rain, our feeder guarantees your feed remains fresh and dry.

Help stop rats and rodents

Another critical point about Dine A Chook is when installed correctly, it helps stop rodents such as rats and mice. It does this in three ways.

  • Stops feed on the ground, which is an invitation to rats and rodents.
  • The rain hood and gutter makes it almost impossible for a rat to climb around to the feed hopper.
  • The vertically mounted position makes it a challenge for rats to climb up from the ground.

Rats and rodents carry disease into the coop as well as the chicken run. As a result, anything you do to deter rodents will instantly help lower disease introduction to the flock.

If you have a rat problem, together with a good management plan for your coop, Dine a Chook Chicken feeders will help solve it.

So why are you waiting? Remember, all purchases come with free express shipping to any destination to the USA mainland.